ILLUMINATE your company

through videos

Corporate and explainer videos help educate your audience, capture their attention and deliver your message in seconds


Brand videos

Specialty & Product videos

Social Media Campaign videos

Events & Conference filming

BRAND videos

Our brand videos reveal the heart of who you are and what makes your company stand out in a class of its own

We create a video that showcases your:

  • expertise

  • personality & facilities

  • services & products

  • client testimonials

Specialty & Product videos

Our product and speciality videos help you captivate your customers, intrigue your investors & find your future partners

You get a video that showcases your:

  • product with filmed demonstrations or animations

  • procedures and services

  • research


Our social media videos are designed to generate significant exposure and awareness of your brand and products with regular, engaging content

We deliver a series of videos that:

  • are short and engaging

  • can be for a one-off or long-term campaign

  • can be used on any social media platform i.e. Facebook, Linkedin, Instagram, Twitter and TikTok

our work

Breathonix, COVID-19 and lung-cancer breath sampler

Live filming & visual effects

The promo we made for NUS deep tech startup Breathonix

UpperMed, peritoneal dialysis technology

Animation & Infographics

Sample from the promo we made for NUS deep tech startup UpperMed

Hamlit, motorcycle safety technology

Live Filming & Animation

Sample clip from the product promo we made for rider safety deep tech company Hamlit

Robotic Surgery with Urologist Dr Chin Chong Min

Live Filming & Motion Graphics

Part 1: Urologist Dr Chin shows how Robotic Surgery works including a demo of 'the robot'

Challenges in Urology by Dr Chin Chong Min

Live Filming & Motion Graphics

Part 2: Three difficult surgeries in Urology and how Dr Chin approached them successfully

Introducing Urologist Dr Chin Chong Min

Live Filming & Motion Graphics

Part 3: Introducing Urologist Dr Chin and his clinic at Mount Elizabeth Novena Hospital, Singapore


On 3 August 2020, I engaged Mr Schurr of Schurr Productions to do a medical video series. His services have been professional and of a high standard, and I would highly recommend him to any company that wishes to do a corporate or product video.

I am confident his experience in video production will benefit other Singaporean companies who seek to market and brand themselves through digital media.

"Professional video design, good communication and quick responses to our comments. I strongly recommend Schurr Productions to all startups to design their corporate videos."

- Jacky Cheng, Founder, UpperMed

"Great work from Schurr Productions. Very meticulous and very professional. Strongly recommend!"

- Du Fang, Founder, Breathonix

"Ande was thoroughly professional and one of the most creative people we have worked with. It was a pleasure to work with him and we will highly recommend anyone looking for an awesome video development experience."

- Pranshu Sharma, Co-founder, Hamlit

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