Location Sound Recording

Based in Singapore, working internationally

Biography OF ANDE Schurr

Andrew Schurr (or Ande) has worked for 15 years in the film industry recording location sound on many feature films, reality TV shows and international documentaries. He is based in Singapore.

Recent Highlights include sound recording for the Hollywood film 'Monkey Man' starring and directed by Dev Patel (produced by Bron Studios, LA). Due out in 2022.

He was the sound recordist for Empire Magazine's film of the year 'Hunt for the Wilderpeople' directed by Taika Waititi (produced by Piki Films and Defender Films) and the Animal Planet series 'Vet Gone Wild' (Core Media Group, LA) which included climbing up a waterfall on the Vietnam/Laos boarder at night to quietly release rehabilitated pangolin away from poachers - among other wild adventures!

Not your typical sound man, Ande is trained in scuba diving, sky-diving, anti-poaching, anti-hijacking, first aid, abseiling, weapons safety, defensive driving and basic equestrian - skills that help him adapt and thrive to the needs of each production regardless of terrain.

Ande was inspired to learn Sound Recording from BBC-trained sound man Mike Westgate, a veteran of many films and over 12 ocean expeditions for The Cousteau Society.

In this ever changing world, you need a sound man who can adapt and act quickly. Ande has your production's location sound needs covered.

Ande on hit film 'Hunt for the Wilderpeople', by director Taika Waititi.

Filmed in various locations around New Zealand including the icy shadow of Mt Ruapehu where the NZ Army tests bombs, Ande was the location sound recordist for the #1 New Zealand movie of all time.

Ande in the Kanaan desert on the Animal Planet series "Vet Gone Wild", Namibia.

Filmed over 4 months, in 7 countries - incl. the jungles of Vietnam and oceans of Fiji using a scuba diving coms system used to capture the researchers' conversations at they studied great white sharks.


Ande’s work was exemplary, with his remarkable skill in recording dialog and sound saving us hours in post-production.

Ron Oliver, Film Director, ‘Kiss Me Deadly’, Los Angelas

The quality of the sound and passion evident in Ande's work has granted him international attention and the acclaim of top industry pros. He is a rare talent, unmatched in the industry.

Minna Sedmakov, Producer of ‘Drugs Inc’ National Geo.

Ande Schurr is one of the best soundmen I’ve ever had the pleasure of working with.

It’s so refreshing to work with someone who is totally committed to being the best possible.

Barb Ustina, Producer, Discovery Channel, Canada