The 9 Principles of Success For Your Career

by David Samual,

Business Advisor for Schurr Productions

Founder of Be A Cloud Initiative

These nine principles are a basic outline that you can memorise and keep with you as a guide to how you have conducted your day.

Review them at the end of the day to see if you have followed them and then try again tomorrow.

  1. Do what is in front of you immediately. Take care of all tasks as they come up without putting them to the side, especially things that are quick to take care of.

  2. Get your priorities straight. What is your goal, what do you really care about achieving, then determine where to put your time and effort and financial resources, even down to the penny.

  3. Build up a financial cushion. Then you can work on new opportunities as they come up so you have a cushion to fall back on during the transition.

  4. Absolute reliability in your word. You must do everything you say as you said you will do it. This builds a reputation that instils trust and confidence from others as well as yourself, in you.

  5. Respond immediately to calls and inquiries as much as possible. Remember to give the same service even after the sale is made. This is your best advertising, a good reputation.

  6. Develop the highest qualities of character sincerely, not just in your surface actions.

  7. Accept responsibility for everything you do and repair any mistakes or problems you caused immediately and at no cost to the client.

  8. Be on time, or early. This shows respect for the other person, and encourages them to respect you.

  9. Pay your debts. Have nothing that makes you uncomfortable to meet or call another person. You never know who you will need to call on in the future.