In 2019, seeking new adventures, Ande and Pui Yee moved to Singapore from New Zealand and Schurr Productions was born.

With its great food, parks, and warm, friendly people, they are proud to call Singapore home.


Schurr Productions is a social media agency with a special emphasis on video. We plan, schedule and create content for your company throughout the year.

We create videos and write engaging articles that are relevant to your audience.

Our Team

With international expertise in video production, marketing, and consumer research, we consult closely on every project to ensure the very best outcome is achieved.

Ande Schurr

Founder, Production Director & Mr Enthusiasm

Founder of Schurr Productions and head of production, Ande Schurr is also an international freelance sound recordist with an impressive list of clients including Netflix, Discovery Channel and the BBC. Ande has worked in Film and TV internationally for over 15 years. Now based in Singapore, he brings solid experience and enthusiasm to your project.

Dr. Pui Yee Lee

Consumer Scientist & Brand Sleuth

Consumer scientist for a global brand consultancy, Pui Yee creates a seamless brand experience across all aspects of your video. Pui Yee is based in Singapore and passionately works to ensure your story flows and is the most impactful.

David Samuel

International Business Advisor & Nit Picker

International serial entrepreneur, business consultant and master of a unique behavioural psychology, David has owned companies in over 25 industries in 15 countries. He ensures your video has the right look and feel for both the local and international markets, getting the right message across.

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